February 18, 2015

Bubble of Love Charm, Beloveds Divine Love

Bubble of Love: Beloveds Divine Love

This charm represents that ultimate union of feminine-masculine energies within us and also the union of divine couples. Perfectly harmonious yin-yang, complete Balance of Divine feminine-masculine, wholeness on all levels, a coming together of polarities, which makes for a perfected physical manifestation of pure true Love. This "Beloveds Bubble" capture the essence of this Balance, union, merging and weaving together of these polarities as One. They, merged as One- Create a powerful vortex of Divine Love. 
In this Bubble I used magenta pink jade beads, to represent the magenta colored higher heart essence which Beloveds always are united through. I used lots of rose quartz, the stone of Love. I also hanged white feathers that I found out in nature, to represent and bring in the energy of the Angelic and Unicorn realm. 

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