March 11, 2014


The Beloveds

Two Equal hearts, two WHOLES - joined together as ONE - building their own kingdom here on Earth through Bliss, Joy and Euphoria. True Pure Love and Freedom are shared from their Divine Self.
Grace, complete Balance and Harmony within the Divine feminine and Divine masculine polarity - merged together as ONE. Two becoming One which creates the third flame - the Bubble within and around them, a flame of creative Life Force which ripples out to the whole Earth, Cosmos, and beyond. Through their union they emanate unity consciousness and become pure channels of source Light. A sacred union which through their conscious merging Create and gives birth to New Worlds. That's why They are Here at this time - to Create. 
What will be left is Pure Divine Love living in the reality of Heaven on planet Earth - and this Pure Love ripples to All.
They are of Pure Service to the Devine. 

Height: 32 cm (12 1/2") x Width:24 cm (9 3/8")

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