June 20, 2014


The King and Queen of the Unicorn Kingdom

These two powerful and majestic beings of pure Divine Light and Love, great Wisdom, and Grace are the Ones who are in charge of- and look over the whole kingdom of Unicorns. The King and Queen have evolved into a high state of Light and wisdom and are therefor respected, revered, and trusted. To hold the frequency of All the Unicorns is one of their tasks, they do this by keeping the vision of their Divine perfection. They also decide where Unicorns are to visit, for example, they decide which ones who are to come to planet Earth, and they decide what they are to do here- what their tasks will be.

The Unicorns are the purest of beings, their hearts and Souls are so pure that they can only follow the Light, and they only serve the Divine Will. They are beings of pure white Light, the color white contains All colors, and at their level they can see all the beautiful colors within the white. 
I have used pink and green in this painting. Pink is to represent that they are beings of- and emanate pure true Love, green is to represent their ability to heal Souls- bring Wholeness, so that Soul desires can come fourth. Their horns of Light are a deep golden color, which represents their Great Wisdom.

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