July 23, 2014


The Sacred Marriage

True Beloveds are not in Love with each other. They ARE Love, their whole being is Love existing as One, they are equals/one existing in no space/time, and only desire/intend to share this Love to the most high between them in oneness, full Trust, and Freedom. They know and feel that this is how it is and will always be, eternally and infinitely. They are birthed as a perfectly balanced essence of feminine-masculine polarities, yin-yang, a being ("Bubble") of two within One. 

They, if have chosen to be here together, Create a physical manifestation of pure true/Divine Love, and a powerful vortex of this Love in Divine perfection. They can in this reality experience that first Sacred Union/Marriage of energies, the coming together of the Divine Feminine and Masculine in utter perfection, which Created all of creation. 
They emanate pure Love-Light, and Unity consciousness out into the whole.

Divine feminine and masculine existing as One. <3

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