August 02, 2014


Mother Nature's Abundance

I got a custom order for a painting, and the persons only request was that I would go with my intuition when Creating this piece for him.
The colors that came up were green, blue, yellow, violet, and gold. And the card I got was Truth when I held the intention of receiving a message for this painting before I started making it.

I felt like making an infinity symbol, I could really feel this persons awareness about his infinite BEingness. 
As a foundation I used light blue, which represents balance, playfulness, Divine power and will. I used green- which essence links with natural simple living, and Nature. Green is also the color of abundance, it is the color of our third eye chakra- our key to abundance in all areas.
I used Gold- the color of Divine Grace, it is the energy of the Christ consciousness.
I made some Yellow flowers- the color of happiness, bright times, wisdom, our inner Divine Spark, which through we get the illumination to see the pure white Light of Thruth. And Truth was the card I got, so I painted the white Light of Truth in the middle. White represents Unity. Trough embodying Unity consciousness by opening up our hearts- we emanate this- and therefor let the White Light of Creation emanated from Source flow through us. I felt like using a bit of violet- the color of spiritual transformation.

This painting has a lot of fairy/nature energy. I wanted to really bring in the feeling of the abundance of Mother Nature in it.

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