August 25, 2014


I started to create pendants out of raw clear quartz stones a while back. The idea came to me in a meditation. These are so very dear to me. They feel so pure. They hold the essence of the Unicorns, which is pure white Light, utter purity, innocence, Magic, harmony, happiness, balance and grace.
I feel such beautiful, Loving, gentle, soft, graceful energies when holding these dainty pendants. <3

Last week my sister went on a vacation to the seaside, and when she returned she had some beautiful stones with her that she had picked. One of the stones was this wonderful clear quartz with rainbow sparkles in it (the sparkles can be seen on the last picture). I asked if I could make a pendant out of it for her, and she said yes! This is how it turned out, and how it looked when she tried it on.

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