August 11, 2014


These pieces that I make, holds a vibration of that ultimate union of divine couples. It all starts with our own connection to our Beloved I AM presence, the embracing of our inner Divine Spark. This comes through an ultimate Balance within. Perfectly harmonious yin-yang, of complete Balance of Divine feminine-masculine, wholeness on all levels, a coming together of polarities, which makes for a perfected physical manifestation of pure true Love. The "Beloveds Bubble" capture the essence of this Balance, union, merging and weaving together of these polarities as One. They, merged as One- Create a powerful vortex of this Divine Love.

Beloveds Bubble of Love: Higher Heart

I used jade beads in magenta pink; the color of the higher heart essence, and I used rainbow light beads to represent the rainbow that is all life in Creation, and it represents unity consciousness. Through embodying Unity consciousness, which true Beloveds have, they emanate Unity consciousness, and let the white Light of Creation emanated from source flow through them. As they have embodied this fully, they have, in their Union, a Divine potential to become a co-creating god and goddess through the Divine Self, and they have a potential to activate their true desires and Soul potentials that come from their Higher Heart essence. They are always interconnected as One, as they are two beings within One, eternally and infinitely. Pink is the color of Divine Love. The Beloveds are embodying Soul, so their whole BEing is interconnected and radiates pink- Divine Love, which is pure, true, free, accepting, and within integrity and maturity.

I used silver and gold beads to represent the Divine feminine and Divine masculine. The Divine Feminine is silver, and the Divine Masculine is gold. They do of course hold pieces of the opposing polarities within them.

At the bottom i hanged two white feathers to represent the utter purity of the Unicorns. They are beings of Love, kindness, beauty, innocence, Magic, and playfulness.

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