November 24, 2014

Intuitive Personal Painting, A Golden Heart

Intuitive Personal Painting: A Golden Heart

A golden heart, reawakening to true Loves song, merging its multidimensional aspects. Remembering its tremendous power, remembering its royalty, remembering the dance. When this heart is fully open, it shines as bright as our beloved Sun, and it Loves deeper than our deepest ocean. The last veils will be fully removed when the timing is right, when its power can be handled and focused on the highest good of all concerned. When in its full potential, this heart is certain, fearless, and unstoppable thorough the mastery of the self, tenderness and vulnerability. It knows from within. It knows how to plant a seed, create and manifest with Love-Light in utter balance, wholeness, and oneness. It brings this dance amongst the stars here. It is connected to the cosmic heart beat, and moves to the rhythm of the cosmic in- and out breath.

A golden heart, remembering itself.

Infinite potential waking up.

A perfect dance of the yin and yang.

Passion reignited. 

Learning to thrive.

Stronger than ever.


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