December 16, 2014

Intuitive Personal Painting, Soft Feminine Nurture

Intuitive Personal Painting, Soft Feminine Nurture

When I make a custom personal painting, I tune into your energy and fully go with my intuition when Creating it. <3

This intuitive personal painting shows softness and harmony. This is a woman who is whole within, she embodies Divine Love so beautifully, and radiates this out in her surroundings. I made a pink heart, pink is the color of divine Love and it is the color of our inner heart. This person emanates Love and feel most aligned with her true essence when BEing in contact with nature. 

The yellow flowers represents nature. Spending moments there brings this person a sense of peace and energy. On the pink rays of Love that emanates from the centered heart, there grows little flowers, they represent her creations within and through pure Love and balance, may also be representing her future children here in this reality, which needs a BEing like this as a parent, to be able to grow into their roles and BE empowered in New Earth. The flowers on the stems are in the shape of stars. This is what she makes her Creations and surrounding friends and family feel like, bright Stars. She is a nurturer, she embodies the divine feminine/goddess energy, and this is how she is/will serve here in this reality. She embraces, accepts, have patience, and brings peace and nurture to people in her life, and all Life in Creation. The white hearts represent this wonderful embracing and nurturing aspect, and the white spirals represent how she emanates out the pure white creative mother Light she is.

The amethyst colored "fountain" flowing out from the top of the heart shows how she through her pure BEingness here at this time helps to transmute, transform, and heal the world. She, like the amethyst crystal, amplifies energy of healing. Like a warm hug, bringing peace and understanding, so does this woman.

If You would like to order an Intuitive Personal Painting from me, please click here to go to my Bubble of Love webpage where I list my personal services and art that is available for purchase. <3

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