January 26, 2015

Intuitive Personal Painting, The Strength of Feminine Wild Freedom and Creativity

Intuitive Personal Painting, The Strength of Feminine Wild Freedom and Creativity

When I make an intuitive personal painting, I tune into your energy and fully go with my intuition when Creating it. I then interpret the painting and write whatever that comes up. This can bring confirmations and empowerment, to move deeper into your true essence and assisting the Self more. The feedback I have gotten is truly beautiful, and I AM so happy to serve with this here at this time.

This is an intuitive personal painting which I have created for a beautiful woman with such a bold and amazing energy. This is a shorter sample of the text that goes along with this painting.

As I tuned into her energy, there came a sense of hunger for life, wanting to savor it and live it to the fullest. And when this person is centered and does something she Love to do, there is like sparkles and fireworks within and around her in feeling. 

This painting shows so much sparkly life-Love. I used yellow to represent her inner Spark of infinite BEingness/BEcoming. Yellow is also the color of happiness and bright times ahead, so this wanted to be quite bold in this painting. I used pink and magenta pink- the color of Divine Love. There is much Love with this person, and potential to embody and hold so much more. The green clover leafs speak of passion for nature, but they also symbolize an inner sense of always being taken cared of, no matter where life leads her or no matter how challenging it is at times, these is a trust deep within, a trust that our beloved Mother Gaia and the Universe always provides us with what we need, if so modestly at times.

A cow came into my awareness as I tuned into this woman. So I painted cow horns at the top. Cows has long been a symbol of the feminine strength and power. Both goddesses Hathor and Nut are associated with- and often depicted with the cow. So there is a sense of fertility, abundance, nurture and female qualities as patience, tenderness, and allowance with this person. To be in her empowerment and full potential- embracing and engaging in even more of her beautiful wild femininity on all planes will open up to so much wonder and deep bliss. 

The painting shows a lot of feminine energy, so there is a sense of beautiful benefits of engaging more in the divine feminine principles of nurture, receptivity, and pure BEingness.. To be fully comfortable simply in the Selfs presence. 

A bright and bold painting for a just as bright and bold Soul <3 When balance is found between yin and yang.. between fire and water, between doing and BEing.. the bliss will be infinite and softly euphoric.

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