April 14, 2015

Energy Stone, I AM

Energy Stone, I AM

This stone represents our I AM presence. Through the deep knowing of our I AM presence we BEcome our true selves, we feel, know, and see the connectedness and oneness with all and everything. As we live our lives through the great I AM-ness, we no longer have the awareness of merely living and serving the self but we are living and serving all. Through the I AM presence awareness we allow and make a space for/in service to all of creation/source/the wholeness whatever we do, think, feel, say and act.
The colors of the I AM presence are red and white. These two colors cover the whole light spectrum. White is the color of pure source light, and it contains all colors. Red is the color of manifestation/materialization in the physical reality. We can learn and expand into combining the vertical and horizontal into one in beautiful balance. Mixed together white and red create the color pink. Pink is the color of divine Love, which is what we embody through our I AM presence and embodiment of our God/Goddess self. Knowing the self as source. 


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