May 20, 2015

Bubble of Love Charm, Pure Light

Bubble of Love Charm, Pure Light

This charm represents that ultimate union of feminine-masculine energies within us and also the union of divine couples. Perfectly harmonious yin-yang, complete Balance of Divine feminine-masculine, wholeness on all levels, a coming together of polarities, which makes for a perfected physical manifestation of pure true Love. This "Beloveds Bubble" capture the essence of this Balance, union, merging and weaving together of these polarities as One. They, merged as One- Create a powerful vortex of Divine Love. 

This charm holds the light of the pure source energy that we allow to flow through us when we are balanced in our inner divine feminine and masculine energies. There are gold and silver beads on this, representing masculine and feminine. I put a raw quartz in the middle, and above it is a rainbow light colored bead, representing Unity consciousness. There are also clear quartz pieces on this.

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