May 03, 2014


A Sacred Union In Atlantis

This painting is inspired by Golden Atlantis, when we reached a very high vibration here on the planet and truly created and lived heaven on Earth through understanding and reaching complete BALANCE between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine <3 We are heading for this again but in a New way, and we will take it to an even higher octave this time. 

Pure Love, which is the state where we are in our fullest potential- comes through the Sacred Divine Union between the Divine feminine and the Divine masculine energies within ourselves - we become Whole. By embracing, balancing and weaving together the two- we become our Divine Self.

A Sacred Union between Beloveds in this physical reality can be reached when these two become whole within themselves- they must embody their Divine Self. A balance is to be reached between the Divine feminine and Divine masculine within themselves to be able to merge together as two wholes. As two Equals unite and merge in a blissful way, in perfect balance, in a state where giving and receiving Love is the only intention, where the only thing that is wanted is to merge the deepest and innermost source Creative energy with the other, and the individual self is non existing, as two wholes become One- the ultimate state of consciousness is reached, and this allows for experiencing heaven on earth. The Life Force energy used between the two allows them to reach higher realms. 
This creates a miracle - the third energy, that has been formed by the ONEness. This is what makes Two combined as One affect the whole with their union- the third flame ignited and combined with the two of them becomes the Life Force energy itself, a Bubble around them which ripples to the whole earth, cosmos and beyond.

These kind of sacred unions is something that will be remembered and understood again here on the planet, and they are to be used only in the sense of Higher Service to All. The LOVE that is shared will overflow/radiate to all and out into the Cosmos, and therefor uplifting the whole.

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