May 08, 2014


My Unicorn

I have been connected to my Unicorn in a more conscious way since July last summer, even though I have known for about 8 years that I have one with me <3 I feel that I may not just be companied by this being, I feel that it is a part of me, it is another aspect of my soul who exist in another dimension. Our Souls have many aspects of itself spread out and working from different dimensions, planets, realities, we are Multidimensional Beings. When we are ready and able to connect with many of these other aspects of ourselves- we can benefit tremendously by it. 

I've been wanting to paint My Unicorn for quite some time, but yesterday it was finally Time.
Unicorns are beings who live in the 7th dimension, just like the Angels. They are one of the purest forms of Creation, and their energy is all about pure Divine Love, Balance, Harmony, Happiness, Magic, Beauty, and Grace. They work with Soul desires and Divine Will, and only connect with those who have a desire to serve, are pure and have embodied True Love. Unicorns are such majestic beings who radiates the most gentle, soft, calm, peaceful, accepting, nurturing and joyful energies you can ever imagine <3
It truly is like a beautiful cloud of magic that embraces me when I AM connected with it. This being feels androgynous, I feel such beautiful feminine energies of BEingness and nurture from it, but at the same time such powerful and strong masculine energies, there truly is perfect Balance between them in this being. The two energies are completely merged together as One in the most beautiful way. 

I AM so very pleased how the painting turned out, I feel that it truly shows the purity, softness, grace, and power that this magnificent being has. I feel that I captured the essence of My Unicorn in a lovely way, so that I can enjoy its magic in this matter-form too. May You feel the absolute wonder, magic, and power that it emanates, and may you feel what an embrace of pure Love that it can bring us if we are open to it. <3

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