May 12, 2014


Embracing The Divine Self

When we have found our Core- our Spark within that is who we are in truth and will always Be- we feel, we know, we trust our feelings and inner guidance at all times. When we have opened up completely to pure true Love, when we have complete balance between the feminine and masculine within ourself, when we have embodied our Higher Self- then we have fully embraced and become our Divine Self. We then live on planet Gaia as pure expressions of Source. This is what we all have an opportunity to Master in this physical body. It all comes down to pure Mastery of the Self on all levels. We are powerful infinite creator beings, and when we Know this- we feel complete inner Freedom, Peace, and Contentment in every new Now moment, regardless of any situation or circumstance that may play out- because we Know, we are multidimensional beings that are here to experience, and to Master different things. So by every situation we Master (meaning handle without any fear-based emotional triggering and feelings of victimizing ourselves whatsoever) we will be ready for a new level. And how do we know when we have Mastered it?, we have flowed beautifully through the situation with grace, and because of this we have simply moved on to something New. As long as there's any sort of nudge or contraction within ourselves when facing a "challenging" situation- it will simply come back to us. <3

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