May 15, 2014


The High Priest & High Priestess

They are a symbol of the divine principle of two within One. Complete Balance between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine. They are two beings within One and are always interconnected as One through that They Love with all of their Heart within deep presence, Wholeness, and unity - true pure Love and Freedom are shared between them. 

This Sacred Union emanates unity consciousness and they are letting source light flow through them and are therefor co-creating Gods.
As two wholes become One- the ultimate state of consciousness is reached. The Life Force energy used between the two allows them to reach higher realms. 
What is making Two combined as One affect the whole is that with their union- the third flame ignited and combined with the two of them becomes the Life Force energy itself, a Bubble around them which ripples Source Light- unity consciousness, Divine Love, and wholeness to the whole earth, cosmos and beyond. Through their conscious merging and Union They Create and gives birth to Worlds. 
That's what THEY do, They Create. <3

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