May 16, 2014


The Light of Truth

This is a painting that help to tune us into the Heart, it is painted with colors that all have a specific area that they work with and together as One they bring forth the pure light of Truth. I have painted with the color pink which is the color of Divine Love, nurture, tenderness and receptivity- to help open up the heart to pure Love. I used blue which is the color of trust, calm, safety, balance, peace and tranquility- to bring trust in ourselves and others. Golden light of grace, source, divine wisdom, and confidence- to connect to Source, and higher wisdom and will. Green healing light to bring and hold complete unity between all aspects. Unity between inner and outer, between higher heart and higher mind, between beings, between different beliefs, between "right" or "wrong"- green brings acceptance, understanding, kindness, and compassion on all levels.
Yellow symbolises joy and happiness, and yellow light represents our divine spark, illumination- Christ consciousness, the illumination to see the Pure white light of Truth within deep presence in every New Now moment. We already know the Truth and hold it deeply in our heart. When we go within to that place of stillness and silence that we all know so well- we will hear the whispers of- and feel the Light of Truth. <3

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