September 24, 2014



I have started to make True Self Essence portraits, and Beloved Essence portraits. I tune in to the person/persons and go with my intuition to Create a portrait of the essence I sense from her/him. I feel and draw them when BEing in their higher potential, and draw whatever I feel wants to come fourth. This may bring empowerment and remembrance to the person on her/his journey of BEcoming their Divine Self (embraced the inner royalty), which means inner balance, wholeness, and empowerment from within.

This portrait shows a person with great creativity and he finds much joy in making his unique creations. The color that came through most was green; the color of nature, abundance, and brings unity on all levels. He is deeply connected to- and enjoys Mother Nature in all ways. And this is where he draws inspiration from in his life. This is what the leaves around him represent. I also felt the color red with this person, which is the color of our root chakra, so this is all about being grounded into Mother Earth, creating and materializing here in the physical. He loves BEing here on Gaia, and he has mastered the art of bringing the vertical into the horizontal and is a true Master and alchemist in all things he engage himself in regarding Creating with- and in Nature. Through this, he is constantly pregnant with ideas, and gives birth to New things all the time in one way or another, Creating his own unique piece of Heaven here on the planet.
He feels ONE with the planet and the stars.

He is a great inspiration in how to Create with Mother Nature, and many are/will be inspired by his passion for this.

If You would like to get a portrait with the essence of You, or You and your Beloved (whether you are together in physical or not), contact me via the contact form in the left side bar here on my art blog.

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