September 22, 2014


This is a portrait that I made of my Soul sister and her Beloved. I got a beautiful vision of them, in their perfect state of balance, they shine so bright, they are in their full power and in complete harmony. The portrait shows a lot of pleiadian energy, which they, together as One bring here to this planet as they embody all their multidimensional aspects, and through this, they serve the greater good of all that is.

This is the first portrait that I have sketched for many many years, it brought me much joy to make this, and I will definitely expand in portrait making.

If You would like to get a portrait with the essence of You, or You and your Beloved (whether you are together in physical or not), in your true and perfected state of Divine Self, which means inner balance, wholeness, and empowerment from within- embraced your inner royalty, contact me at

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