September 18, 2014


These dainty pendants that I Create feel so pure, they hold the essence of the Unicorns, which is pure white Light, utter purity, innocence, Magic, harmony, happiness, balance and grace. These pendants connects us to the Unicorn Kingdom. As we connect with their essence and bring this energy into our hearts; we feel the most loving, soft, protective, and gentle energies, which brings a sense of empowerment, clarity, calm and freedom.
The pendants are all unique, they wary a bit in color, some are clear and some are milky white, they are different in shape and size.

The Unicorns are the purest of the pure, they have a completely open heart, and were here during the Golden Ages, but had to withdraw as it got too dense here, they could not withstand the duality we had. They are 7th dimensional beings, fully of the Angelic hierarchy, and are Now here again to assist those who have a true Soul desire to serve and help humanity and this planet, but All can of course connect with their energy and feel them.

If You would like to order a Unicorn Essence quartz pendant, do so by clicking the Buy Now button in the left side bar here on my blog, and contact me via the contact form.
I will then use a pendulum to dowse the perfect One that wish to assist You on your journey here.

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