September 11, 2014


Hi there! This past weekend I attended a beautiful wedding and as we all walked out of the church after the ceremony, I found some pretty feathers lying in the grass. The idea came to me that it would be so lovely to Create something for the Newlyweds with them, so I made this heart. I felt that it might be such a sweet thing for them to keep. 

I used raw clear quartz around the edges to represent purity and innocence. I painted the heart white; the color of Unity, and I also used blue; the color of Trust, truth, balance, Divine power and will. As two beings unite within pure Love, full trust, consciousness, wholeness, freedom and integrity- they, as One, Create the third, the Divine child of Creation. This is why I used three feathers on this United Heart, they represent the Divine feminine and masculine and their eternal dance of Oneness, and how this principle of polarity Creates something New (the third).

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