October 21, 2014


Crystal Essence: Angel Quartz

A few days ago I dreamed that I found basketball sized clusters of Angel quartz. They were so beautiful and had such an amazing energy to them. They had a vibe of lightfulness, safety, happiness, freedom, and some playfulness, which comes from this quarts ability to create balance in all areas of our lives and help us in the embodiment of our higher self; from this we feel clarity and contentment, which bring us a sense of all the things I mentioned I felt from this quartz. It felt like the quartz wished to serve more beings with its wonderful vibration, so I made a painting to capture its essence. As You look at this, you may receive the quartz happy, playful, light and protective energy. And you may also receive a personal message from it. Look at the painting and feel what comes up. Our intuition/feelings are our greatest tool.

Acrylic paint on A3 (297x420mm) sized water colour paper.

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