October 18, 2014


Crystal Essence: Love & Purity

Last week in a dream I had, I dreamed about a crystal that was in a beautiful magenta pink shade at the first half and then faded to fully clear at the bottom half. The crystal was fully see through, almost like glass, and had a wonderful vibration that I felt within me as I held it in my hands in the dream. This crystal was so wonderful, both in feeling and looks, and I feel it wants to serve and spread its energy to more beings, so I decided to paint and capture the essence of it, as much as I could in this painting. As You look at this, you may receive the crystals soft, powerful, loving, and pure energy. And you may also receive a personal message from it. Look at the painting and feel what comes up. Our intuition/feelings are our greatest tool.

Acrylic paint on A3 (297x420mm) sized water colour paper.

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