November 19, 2014

Crystal Essence: Amethyst Ball

Crystal Essence: Amethyst Ball

This painting holds the essence of an amazing big amethyst sphere that I dreamed of once. I found it on a small beach, and as I held it in my hands in the dream, I felt its wonderful and powerful energy. It made me so blissful and calm. 

Amethyst crystalline quartz are healing gemstones, they also amplify energy, and it has the power to focus energy, so it's a great stone for all sorts of healing. It is a lovely stone to use for our crown chakra, to balance this energy vortex. It also brings the mind clarity, and it helps against headache. 
Amethyst brings calmness and helps to overcome fears and destructive cravings. 

You can, if you so feel, tune into this painting and receive its calm and blissful energy, and also receive the energy and personal message you need at this time.

Acrylic paint on A3 (297x420mm) sized water colour paper.

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