November 12, 2014


Intuitive Personal Painting: A Balanced Passionate Heart

When I make a custom personal painting, I tune into the energy of the person and fully go with my intuition when Creating it. <3

As I tuned into this woman, I sensed so much passion. This painting shows a balanced core of divine feminine-masculine energies as One- which is then expressing itself in a beautiful passionate way, the heart emanates flames of passionate Love and excitement, affecting All of Creation. This core of pure Love shines brightly and anchors her cosmic blissful euphoric dance deep down into Mother Gaia. In the middle of the core- the middle of the vesica piscis; which symbolizes the Goddess/feminine- there are yellow sparkles. Yellow is the color of happiness, wisdom, our inner Divine Spark, which through we get the illumination to see the pure white Light of Truth. So this painting shows a deep connection and embodiment of goddess energy, which leads to utter bliss, brightness and living as the true Royal Self. The deep purple color represent this Royal BEingness. I used blue, so this shows beautiful protection and power. And violet represents transmutation, this is what she does in every moment- she transmute density/old into Light. A BEing within Divine Love, passionately working and Creating with Light, in All Ways.

If You would like to order an Intuitive Personal Painting from me, please click here to go to my Bubble of Love webpage where I list my personal services and art that is available for purchase. <3

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