January 01, 2015

Bubble of Love, Eternal Love Infinitely Creating

Bubble of Love, Eternal Love Infinitely Creating

This is a Bubble of Love ornament that I have been creating for myself under Christmas. I AM very happy with how it turned out and I have hanged it up in my home. It represents our twin Soul nature, the nature of polarity which is the principle of Creation. Sparks/extensions/flames or whatever to call it, can at times decide to Unite for the benefit of a planet, cosmos and BEyond, as the energy they Create/emanate is very powerful, some more than others as this is what They do to serve (not better or worse, just how it is created in this wholeness). This Bubble holds the essence of that ultimate Union of masculine and feminine energies. As I AM incarnated under the 3rd pink ray of divine Love, and I AM choosing to embody divine Love here in this physical vehicle, I chose to make the Bubble in the color of Love; pink. And I used lots of rose quartz beads, which is "the Love stone".

The Beloveds are always connected through their higher heart essence, which is magenta pink. They, through their wholeness, integrity and purity, have embodied Unity consciousness, which the rainbow sparkly beads in the middle and above the feathers represent- the rainbow that is All Life in Creation. I used gold (masculine/Light) and silver (feminine/Love) beads. The two hearts in the middle represent the beloveds Unity within the Bubble of Love that they Create around them. The hearts also looks like a butterfly, so it represent the wonder of metamorphosis. The hearts also looks like Angel wings, which I feel is important to incorporate in this Bubble too, to represent my Souls connection to the Angelic realm.

I put two raw opals between the feathers. Opal is the prime stone of the planet Venus, which is the planet of Love. It is a great substitute to diamonds, and it is said to be "the stone of gods". Under the opals I put raw milky white pure Love essence quartz, which I've collected this past summer. 

The tree feathers represent the Trinity. The Sacred fire of Love, Wisdom, and Power. One plus one equals three. The mother, the father and the divine child of Creation. We access the Sacred Fire through complete Balance, wholeness within us, vulnerability, gentleness, Mastery and selflessness (meaning creating for the benefit of All and not just for self satisfaction), Creating with the Cosmic Laws.

If you wish to get your own Bubble of Love ornament, please go to my Bubble of Love web page here <3

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