January 07, 2015

King & Queen of Hearts

King & Queen of Hearts

Divine Royalty remembered and embraced. Utter balance between polarities. I made hearts instead of triangles, the silver heart is the chalice/feminine and the gold heart is the blade/masculine. Together the feminine-masculine Creates as One. The yellow-golden dot in the middle represents the Lights/masculines seed/potential/idea, and the hearts around it is the Love/feminine embrace of nurture, safety, allowance, patience, and protection, so that the seed can grow in perfect pace to get birthed/materialized/manifested/BE. The rays around the hearts represent Unity consciousness, and how through this- the hearts emanate Divine Love to All of Creation.

Acrylic paint on A3 (297x420mm) sized water colour paper.

If You would like to order this painting, please click Here to go to my Bubble of Love web page. <3

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